Am I being silly jealous over this?

The guy I'm seeing works in sales , he told me the girl who works for the same company has been sacked , then he said she's walked into a new job tho... Makes me think how does he know all this about her? Obviously has her number? Should I be concerned? I'm feeling jealous


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  • You're simply overthinking about this. She was his co-worker, so it isn't really surprising that he knows stuff about her. And the things he knows aren't too personal either. You're just being paranoid.

    • Yes but why have her number? It's not like they worked along side each other just the same company

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    • He could have learned through the grapevine too. She could have told anyone about her new job and he would have found out eventually. I agree though, even if he did have her phone number that isn't unusual.

      Try to play it cool unless you see another more serious warning sign though. He might feel annoyed if he thinks you're this concerned over very impersonal information which is normal to see flowing between groups of business associates.

      Heck, he might have even seen it on his LinkedIn news feed.

    • He said he knows because they all talk :/

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