Short Introverted men and online dating?

Do Short introverted men have a chance in hell of finding someone through online dating? I'm Five foot six inches and introverted, I've been at the online dating scene for the last five years with hardly an ounce of luck, It never seems to get past a first message, even if it does most of the time it's to tell me "not interested". I have read dozens of articles on introverts that say to be more outgoing, and articles about short men that say to show confidence. yet none of them seem to help. So how do short introverted men find love in an age of online dating (also called a meat market)? Any constructive feedback would be appreciated, especially from those within my age group.


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  • Short introverted men are cute, at least to me. Maybe, try to be more outgoing. I know for me, its actually easier to be outgoing online then in person. But, eventually after talking to them online if I do in person I'll be outgoing. Are you like that to? Do you have to talk to someone for awhile then your no longer shy? Do you keep convos when typing? Not the "Hi" "Wyd?" "Nm" "Oh".


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  • Honestly online dating is pathetic in my opinion. It's not hard you just have approach strangers and say Hi I am ___and I am looking for a woman who I share common interest , would you be interested going on a date with me

    I Have had bad experiences but good ones too : embarrassing yourself is the best thing you can do at times !!


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  • If online dating doesn't work out, why don't you just try the old fashion way.

    I don't think online dating is for everyone , in my opinion.

    • The problem is I have tried offline dating; bars, clubs, workout classes, volunteer organizations. You name it I've tried it.