What is going on?

Well I had a first date and it went well at the beginning (that's what I thought). He was a gentleman and opened the doors, paid etc.
We were together the whole day and went to his place after.
There he kissed me, and we made out briefly. It was a very nice kiss, but I stopped, because I didn't want to go further. He seemed okay with it, but after it, we didn't cuddle or anything and didn't talk much, we weren't even touching each other at all. I am used to different behaviour, that's why I dont get it. It kind of pissed me off, because we had made out before and it just seemed weird to be so distanced suddenly.

I must also say, that I was the one who spoke more, because he seemed a little shy... Sometimes there were long sections when no one spoke as I am not very talkative myself. Sometimes, I caught him looking at me and he often looked into my eyes very deeply and smiled

when I had to go, he just hugged me quickly and said that it was nice meeting me. I haven't heard anything since then. on the way back we both kind of avoided eye contact and when we looked at each other it was accompanied by a "shy" smile... I might have been a sign of disinterest. I dont know

The last part of the "date" was a bit "unusual", I have to admit.
I also have to say, that I am very reserved and don't show my emotions openly. He seemed a bit more open. I also seem very tough etc.
I suppose that my "rejection" made him insecure?


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  • If he is a shy guy, then i suppose he felt too 'comfortable' with you much quicker than with anyone else. And when you didn't approve of it, he may have gotten offended slightly. Not that it's your fault, though. And maybe now he's feeling hesitant to contact you.

    If you're interested in him, try contacting him yourself. If not, then just let go. It appears like you don't aren't into him too much, though. You both seem kinda incompatible.

    • why would you say this? would I post it here if I didn't like him? I wouldn't care at all if I didn't like him. As I've said, I am not a girl that jumps a guy on the first occassion. I was very tempted but I let my brain decide and not my hormones

    • I don't know, your question seemed to indicate that you aren't into him as much as you'd like to believe. Just my opinion. Not implying that you should jump at the first opportunity, and it's not gender specific. My apologies if you got offended, that's not what I meant.

      Anyway, you can try contacting him if you wish to do so. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you aren't one of those women who are stuck in the 17th century and believe that 'men should always make the first move or initiate contact'.

    • i am not, but i had bad experiences with it. and afraid of rejection of course

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