My boyfriend ditches me?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years.. And he goes through this kicks where he smokes weed and will not care to hang out with me at all. He never buys any that's why he always wants his friend over. Everytime im over his friend has to be there or he will make plans with me just to cancel tbem and tell me I'll make it up to you tomorrow... We hang out for a half hour then his friend comes over its so annoying and he doesn't get it I try to explain myself he always says I'm bitching or im a stage 5 clinger. No Id just like to be able to hang out with just my boyfriend being that I drive 20 min to see him not to see him a a his friends. And hd claims he's quitting on the 12th which I don't even believe it because I've heard that one before and I do everything for him I might as well be his mom... And when I told him about it bothering me that he ditches me he just said... I'd never do that to my wife you're just my girlfriend... Know your place.. I was so mad because that just made me think all the things I do for him aren't appricated and he Never ditches his friends never tells them no... Will make plans with me but if I'm taking too long hell call his friends and cancel with me. But if his friend was taking forever hed wait all day for him to come over and he likes having just him and his friend time.. Which I don't care... But he doesn't care to just have time we're we just hang out he asks like weed is crack seriously and its controlling his life and I don't know how to handle it bc if I speak my feelings im a crazy bitch clingy any mean word that's what I am. But he's only all about his friends bc he smokes...


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  • This will be a never ending story if you don't just get up and leave. He's just not ready for a relationship.. you deserve better


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  • He shouldn't be treating you like that. It's okay for him to want time with his friends but when there's no time for you and your relationship it shows that he really doesn't care about how he's making you feel. You should just talk to him and say that you're done if something doesn't change and decide what to do next based on what he says to that. If he doesn't fight for you then know that you'll be better off with someone who treats you better. But if he understands and wants to change to keep you then stay with him and help him change


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  • It's your fault since you chase after bad boy douchebags rather than guys who would treat you better. If you want to continue to date immature boys then so be it but don't complain that you can't find a good man.


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