Do you think this woman should have blocked me on a dating site?

I emailed her with this message, which I intended to be nice and funny.

"Let's see:
1) Intelligence.
2) Pretty smile
3) Compassionate career, if not personality
4) Affirmitive Action genes (not to be discounted too quickly)

I like all of those things."

She was a pretty black woman who worked in the healthcare industry. She blocked me.

  • Affirmitive Action genes are hot.
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  • No, man. It's racist to point out that your kids get an auto +200 pts on SAT.
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I should also point out that this woman was seriously attractive. I would have dated her in an instant. She was bragging about loving food on her profile, which was stupid. But that doesn't mean she didn't have a shapely butt, and I would have taken her out.
Alright, I can see from the responses that I was perhaps a little too straightforward with this woman. And it's not racist. George Bush got to be president just because he was born into the right family. That's total bullshit, but I'd want it for my own kid.


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  • You forgot 6) lack of humour

    • *5, clearly I can't count. Back to preschool for me!

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    • And of course, all of this assumes that you take "race-realist" premises seriously, which I don't.

      1) Stereotype threat
      2) Unequal access to education
      3) Cultural disparities not having anything to do with race (valuing sociability over scholarship, for instance)
      4) Default hypothesis is probably garbage with the existence of structural violence.

      But even if I did, it would still be a good idea.

      Bases. Covered.

    • Now let's say that my child has a white spouse; which I wouldn't encourage or discourage.

      100 - 95.25 = 4.75 / 2 = 2.3725
      95.25 + 2.3725 = 97.62
      That's the new population average for any pairing. Couple that with the fact that my kid probably has an IQ of 115, and a high paying job with a prized educational degree, and you will quickly see how I made a very sound investment in Affirmitive Action genes, with less risk than you would imagine if the program ends, first because then the world probably ends, and second because it wouldn't be that huge a loss, something like 5 IQ points.

      The potential benefits far outweigh that risk.

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  • Your little comment "Affirmative Action genes" sounds like a very passive aggressive remark with some prejudice mentalities behind it. As if that's just the tip of the iceberg for more borderline racist/prejudice comments. She probably doesn't want to deal with that mess. I don't blame her for blocking you.

    • Wrong, it was the product of a serious calculus that involved studying regression to the mean between populations, predicted IQ for that individual, predicted IQ for any potential children, predicted SAT scores resulting from those IQ's and whatever upbringing we might be able to afford, and predicted "adjusted" SAT scores.

      I came to the conclusion that at her level of intelligence, being black was more beneficial than being white.

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    • Sweetie, there's a difference between censorship and deciding that someone has a useless, childish, argumentative, toxic presence and that I, as an adult, refuse to allow any of that whiny nonsense to puncture my vibe. You're not entitled to run your mouth and b*tch at someone. People aren't obligated to listen to you b*tch and moan and complain. Stop spamming on this person's post and stop trying to force me to have a conversation with you.

    • Don't try to talk to me, it's weird. Blocking you means that I WANT NO INTERACTION FROM YOU. Don't try to force someone to have a conversation with you. If you don't want to be blocked, then don't persist that your presence is a pain in the a**.

  • she probably did cause she didn't want to have to be like sorry not interested so she just decided to cut contact or she thinks u look creepy


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  • it appears from what you said and from your profile race is an obsession with you. So perhaps she picked up on that and didn't want the crap.

    • Also, my ancestry is predominately Jewish. So in fact I just don't like religion.

  • I think Anonymous female hit the nail... you sound REALLY passive aggressive. The woman in question was probably offended.

  • i guessshe consindered you some creep :-/

  • #4 make u sound like a passive -aggressive dickhead.

    • That's nice. Now read the rest of the post and be awakened to how racist this woman actually was.

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    • Then Keep on looking bro... don't get so hung up on this one girl u were talking to! :-, D

    • I'm not, man. I'm just responding to you. Also, attempting to discredit "race-realist" mathematics. I feel like I've succeeded in both objectives.

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