I am 21 I feel like I will never get a girlfriend am I wrong?

Here is a photo of me https:// www. flickr. com/ photos/131024520@N07/ (remove the spaces)
I have never been in a committed relationship I only had one lucky one night stand because the girl initiated the sex she said she gave her number to her friend i asked the friend and the friend said she lost it, this was when i was 14, she was 16. Anyway I don't think i look my best now I have gained weight and look chubbier. Also I am very picky with girls I always want the best looking girls which I know is bad but i think is wrong going out with someone you don't like and leading them on. Whats your opinion guys?


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  • I think you're cute! I'm sure you would have no problem finding someone to be your girlfriend, but as you mentioned you only want the best looking girls it might be a bit more difficult. I do agree with you in that you shouldn't date someone you aren't attracted to but maybe if you gave some of the normal girls a chance you might surprisingly find them attractive. I've found that once I get to know people and like their personality, their looks start to become very appealing to me as well! You could try and hold out for the "best looking girls" but it would likely take more time than giving the average girl a chance.

    • If a "normal girl" asked me out I would say yes but I would try to tell her that we can try the relationship seee where it takes us or something like that. But like I have grown to like average looking girls I guess im branded them pretty in my post cause my opinion changes and i forget their first impression. However I have never been asked out.

    • Well maybe you need to do the asking out! In my experience girls don't usually do the asking. It may not be fair but that's usually how it is. If you want someone to be your girlfriend you have to make it happen! :)

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  • I think gf and bf are person u not only have sex with, but u are able to talk to them, to connect with them. So u are not that bad looking, but u shouldn't be looking only for pretty girls, because sooner or later the beauty disapears but personality usually stays...

    • I just think its unfair on the girl when i say pretty i mean girls that i like they could average looking grown to like them and then i change my mind and think their pretty. I know some girls who i tried to get close to, and i tried to just to have a conversation and they just dont reply back or answer my calls I give up most of them had a nice personalty best to my knowledge. So I just was thinking is it my looks is it the way I am anyway thanks for your comment.

    • you are handsome enough... Just wait a bit you need to find someone with whom ur personallty will click. I know of a guy who was really but i mean really, not handsome but he had two or more girls running after him

  • The reason you are not getting any is that you are not perfect and demand perfection = your expectations are too high.
    Stop complaining if you only want the hottest girls and they aren't intetested in you. You don't have to date girls you don't find hot, but then you shouldn't complain because the obvious problem is that you are picky. Then just be alone.


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  • If you primarily base what you feel for a girl on what she looks like, all I'm going to say is good luck mate.

  • Andrew Bond? Right pics? I would get rid of the facial hair, I think you'd look better without it.

    You're not bad looking, and Iv'e seen worse looking people with girlfriends.

    You have nice hair, hair color, nice eyes and eye color.

    Just be confident Andrew.

  • 21 you got plenty of time!

    Don't be very picky, that a bad trait. You need to go out there and get experience. Try thing out, make mistake, learn from it. Before you meet "the one".

  • I'm 23 and I never had a girlfriend, never had a first kiss, never held hands with anyone, never got laid.

    You're already a step ahead of me by losing your virginity.

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