My wife of 2 years is gay and I do not know what to do?

My wife and I were having a break from each other. Before our break, she shut down from me intimately and became distant. Around 7 months ago I took my friend girl, who is going through relationship trouble and had her moved in with us.
Long story short, my wife told me about 6 months ago she realized she was gay and has been having an affair with my friend girl while I was away.
I'm completely overwhelmed. My marriage is over and I am lost.
I have no friends that live near me and my parents are miles away, so I literally have no one to turn to besides my dog and whiskey.
What do I need to do next? I want to secure myself financially and prepare for the divorce that is on its way. As overwhelming as it is I am I want to be there for my daughter and make sure that both my wife and I (because even though she broke me, she is a good human being and can live a successful life so our daughter can have the best one imaginable. I'm now living for that little girl.

How can I even date girls nowadays with a dependent?


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  • My parents remarried successfully with me as a little girl dependant and I'm happy with an amazing, loving stepmom who bought me clothes when my daddy couldn't, and a beautiful little sister and brother who each came almost 10 years later than me. There's a lot more future than dog and whiskey, and a perfect woman who will understand your past and look forward with you into the future. I wish you and all your family past present and future the best of luck. This is the hardest time, but I know you will come out with so manyore blessings than you could imagine now.


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  • Sorry for this. You are spot-on to be thinking the best for your daughter. You're a victim but she had nothing to do with any of this and her whole world is about to enter "meltdown" phase.
    For her sake you need to stay close to your daughter and stay sober.

    See an attorney to protect your finances and negotiate custody. You are right in staying away from dating. Your daughter doesn't need more chaos in her life.

  • Honestly man that's a rough situation I probably wouldn't focus on dating instead putting all your energy and time into raising your little girl

  • Watch Friends, Ross has been there.