Should I give it a few weeks?

So before I tell you what happened I understand how messed up this is!! Okay so this Friday I recently got my first boyfriend. And we've only been dating for 3 days so far but I just don't feel anything when I'm around him. Unlike I did with my last crush. So do you think I should just wait a week and see how it goes or just break up with him? Please help I'm really confused and I feel terrible about this.

  • Just wait a week and then see how it goes
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  • Break up with him as soon as you can! It happens especially if he is your first boyfriend you'll learn later when you like someone enough to date them. If you are already doubting the relationship enough at 3 days to ask this question then that should probably tell you that your heart is not in it. This happened to me when I was a freshman in high school with my first boyfriend but I dragged it on for 2 months hoping I would grow to like/love him. I can honestly tell you that it was horrible, I felt so guilty all the time for not liking him back like he liked me and for fantasizing about other guys that I did like. Plus it made the whole relationship forced for me, being in something I didn't want to be in. If I could go back I would have broken up with him a lot sooner, because all that time that I was hoping I would eventually grow to feel something for him he was actually feeling something for me and fell in love with me and by the time I gave up and broke up with him I broke his heart along with our relationship. It broke my heart to have hurt him like that when I should have been honest with him since the beginning. Don't make my mistake and don't break his heart, be honest with him and with yourself. Spare yourself some horrible experiences for you and for him.

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