Visiting a guy who I've never physically been in the company of before and travelling half way around the world to do it! What's your take on it?

I started talking to guy 8 months ago and I forot to go on a date, kinda stood him up. Oh well... 8 months on he is travelling and we still haven't phsyically met. We Skype, text most days, FB friends. We also have jokingly talked about "our future life" but it's quite funny and in PC.
Anyway long story short I'm going to visit him for a week on his trip. I'm taking time out for myself for a week and then the following with him.

I am looking at this as I'm visiting a friend as I would call him that now. However you I do wonder at the same time if there could be more. But I have a go with the flow attitude.

I just don't know how to be to suppose, I'm anxious, nervous, and I just need some advice on how to be, if anyone has been in the same situation if they met online, etc. I'm a sensible girl and I have been single for about 16 months and happy where I'm going in life. I've done the travelling myself, so this is why I get why he is doing it.

So really any thoughts would help


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  • I've done it. I was very nervous at first, but then when I was with him, everything calmed right down. I think you will enjoy yourself... if you don't do it, you may regret it and wonder "what if"

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