How do I end this vicious cycle when I meet someone?

You know when you meet someone you're attracted to, and they show they're interested in you too, then you get this feeling you're too scared to go for it because you aren't sure they want to be with you?

I have this fear when I meet guys and I know they like me back. But I pull away and act aloof because I'm scared of him finding something he doesn't like about me and changing his mind. Through this process, I end up sabotaging myself and then lose the guy because I seem uninterested. How do I get more confidence to just go for the guy who clearly likes me too? I want to be in a relationship but I don't know how to do it if I'm so scared all the time..


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  • Smile. A lot. Don't do anything, just smile. You only need to be thinking about smiling ! :)

    There, now you can't do stupid shit if you're to busy thinking about smiling :D


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  • You're not perfect and he will find things that he doesn't like about you... It's going to happen. The thing is, will he find more good than bad, and will you be good for him?

    • I think I would be good for him. We have a lot in common and have a connection, He's going on tour for a little bit and wants to hang out when he gets back. But I'm scared he will change his mind.

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  • It's happened to me before but you break the cycle by jumping in even if you're insecure or afraid he will find faults in you. Own your faults and your attributes. Think about it rationally he has faults too not just you so when he starts finding faults in you, you probably will be finding faults in him. It doesn't necessarily mean you will stop liking each other because of these faults it's about weighing it all together (the good with the bad).