Long shot! Dates in Chicago, first time meeting from long-distance?

Hey everyone,

This is a bit of a long shot, but I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm an English lad and my girlfriend-to-be (we're basically in a long-distance relationship, but I told her I wanted to make it "official" in person, because the Internet can only take you so far!) is from America.

We're going to meet for the first time this summer in Chicago, and I really want to take her somewhere special and fancy, and have an incredible time where I can get all soppy, show her how much I feel for her and basically set us an 'anniversary' date on which we properly set out on our relationship journey - so I was hoping for some advice!

Does anyone know where is amazing in Chicago? Any classy-yet-affordable restaurants to go? Any and all tips for amazing things to do in Chicago are welcome. She's got some things planned for me as it'll be me that's jetting all the way over there, but I'd really like to set up a surprise myself. :)

One catch - she's not 21 yet whereas I am, so anywhere that requires that age is a no-no!

Cheers for anything. :)


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  • While I don't live in Chicago, I just wanted to say good luck. Sounds so sweet :)

    • Thank you! Judging by the immense flood of replies it looks like Google will be my best friend. :P

    • Lol. Now we know gagers aren't from Chicago!

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