Why does she like him?

My friend who is a girl is dating a guy and she loves this guy with all her heart. HE treats her like shit, he showed a bunch of people a video of them having sex and he has lied to her and never talkes to her. He has even told her he has used her and he has never said i love you once to her. I hate watching then date especially because i like her. She gets treated like shit. Why is she still with him?


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  • That's abusive that he is treating her like that. Eventually the situation will escalate. Then she might find out for herself. But she deserves better and I'm sure u would be her best bet. That guy she's with is just using her. Tell her how u feel in a nice, calm way. She will appreciate u looking out for her.

    • we keep telling her and telling her and she is like i love him. she won't break up with him because of how much she loves him. Also there on break and he is ignoring her more

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    • Np:) some people have this exact same problem in my family as well

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  • Woman just love guys who treat them like shit. Nothing you can do about it. Unless you get rich. Get rich and she will love you forever.