Guys: What do you think of me?

I haven't really ever been looked at by guys (save for a guy who pretty much stalked me at a retreat once). I always assumed it was because I wasn't pretty or something. Yet I hear the opposite from my friends, and even now, with my better self confidence, I just don't attract 'em. To paint you an accurate picture...

I have dark hair that is almost always pulled back in a high ponytail. I'm about average body type/weight, with slight curves, and about 5'3-5'4. Fair skin.
I'm smart (grades are usually all in 90's, usually above 95), shy at first but fun, love to try new things. I'm also innocent and kinda naive- dirty jokes are usually lost on me, and sometimes it's hard for me to tell if someone is flirting with me or not*. I love being honorable, honesty, and loyalty, and strive to demonstrate these traits at all times. My main passions are creative writing and theater, and I love books and reading.

Erm... Then there is the fact that I'm also "too nice", according to my friends. I am unconsciously positive and optimistic, and find it hard to be mean to people (even people who hurt me, like former bullies or my ex who dumped me through text). Yet should anyone hurt my loved ones, I tend to become possessive and a bit threatening. I don't tolerate anyone abusing those I love.

Extra: I'm a bit scatterbrained, haha. Things slip my mind a little too frequently, but when things are very important I make it a point to get them done.

My question is: am I likable?

*Yes, I know I said I find it hard to tell when others are flirting with me. However, usually my friends are able to slap a bit of sense into me if that happens. Which, it really doesn't.


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  • Yes you are likable... just be patient. You are quite lovely. Your time will come.


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  • Well you're obviously an oppressed psychopath. Not a big deal. Embrace your inner cray cray and boys will fuckin love ya!


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  • yes you are likable and i would like to be your friend :) :P


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