Can someone please give me insight as to why he's pulling away?

I've been dating this guy for almost three months. last weekend I asked him how he was feeling and where he saw this going. The reason I asked is because he works 3 jobs and he's been increasingly busy, I wanted to make sure he was still interested and wanted thoughts on where he saw this going. He said he was not seeing anyone else but that it was too soon for him to call me his bf because he wanted to give it more time. He asked me if I was unhappy that he was so busy and I told him no. He said he got the impression I was and that I was maybe ready to move on. he asked if I would let him know if it came to that and I told him I would but I'm not. I then asked him if he wanted to break up. He said no he was happy. since then I feel he's been a bit more distant texting less. I'm confused he said he was happy and wanted to see where things go, but I sense he's pulling away. Why is he doing this if he said he did not want to break up. Did I scare him away?


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  • He's just busy. He did say he was happy with you.

    • I just don't get it. I sent him a really cool pic of something I did this weekend and he hasn't replied in an hour and a half. sometimes he doesn't answer my texts.

    • It's just an hour and a half. If you're so bothered tell him. Ask him, if he's bothered by your texts.

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