Do girls like skinnier/leaner looking guys?

I have hugeeee lats (back muscles), qudriceps & hamstrings & oblique muscles... I thought that girls would like a muscular look but I see all of the most gorgeous girls around really skinny and out of shape guys. why is that?

should I stop lifting weight & have a leaner looking body?


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  • Don't stop what makes you happy. You should exercise to be healthy as well. Not many guys really work out hard like you probably do, but you have to remember that not only do girls have their own preference, but guys also can build muscle in different ways.
    First way is stacked like you probably are. You have big muscles if your muscle grows this way. The other way is lean muscle. So a guy could be strong, but because of his DNA, his muscles aren't as defined

    • the things is I'm not really stacked... I weight around 200 lbs & am 6' 1"... but the problem is I have 'toned' muscles but my lats are to big & therefore my oblique muscles which give me a wide look with pretty skinny toned arms... is this unattractive? (I want to know so I can stop lifting & get skinny toned)

    • That's not unattractive, no

    • ok, thanks!

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  • No. Don't stop just because there are some girls into skinny guys. I myself am not attracted to skinny guys, like skinny with no definition. Lean bodies are totally perfect, but skinnier than me is a no no.

    • ah ok.. I meant skinny like CR7 skinny. is that the best?

      at the moment I'm kinda like an Arnold Schwarzenegger without the huge arms & pecs.

    • CR7 is perfect and so is yours. It all comes down to girls taste.

  • Not thinner than them but definitely not too pudgy


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