My bf and I had a perfect relationship for 5 years we couldn't love each other more. Not until his family migrates to Canada half a globe from here. We can't afford to visit each other more than once a year if not at all so we had an understanding breakup. We're friends now. We love each other so much it hurts. I kept thinking about someday another girl gonna have him, they gonna have sex, he gonna put a ring on someone else's hand, they gonna get married and have kids, etc and I'm dying. This is EATING me what do I do now? Please help...


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  • you can get a job and start saving money so you can see him more than once a year and if you already have a job if it's possible and if you have time of course you should get another one to earn the extra money or do things such as babysitting, walking dogs and stuff anyways sorry to hear about that lovely just know that everything happens for a reason and as cheesy as this sounds if you two are truly meant for each other your paths will cross again and if not then believe it or not there's something out there better waiting for you (:

    • I'm in university right now and so he is. We tried but $4000 plan ticket is not a small amount of money that we can make ourselves. We seriously thought about marriage but we couldn't imagine his family moved to Canada. My country is 3rd country so we earn like 2 cents babysitting per hour... And thank you for cheering me up...

    • I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not and sorry if I sounded rude that wasn't my intention but still I wish you the best ☺️

    • No sweetie you didn't sound rude or anything and I'm not sarcastic... I was just so sad and depressed to get my words straight I'm sorry :(...

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