What do I do about this?

We have been seeing eachother for a little over a month and hang out / date very frequently he has even asked me to go on a trip with his friends and their girlfriends we usually text everyday everything has been great until... We had plans this weekend to go to dinner he said he was sick and stopped answering till 8 pm in the meantime I had gone out with girlfriends to distract myself when I got his answer I sent him about 5 texts and the next day I apologized and he said he wasn't mad but then canceled on hanging tonight am I over thinking or is he trying to be nice but ending things? I suggested tomorrow and he said he would let me know if he does end up wanting to hang I want to lay it all out and tell him I'm unsure of how he feels about me and get answers so I am not wasting my time but I'm afraid of pushing him further away what do I do? I should be the one mad about ignoring me all day but instead I'm the one apologizing trying to hold on to it should I play it cool and not be so demanding or lay it all out


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  • Oh please don't be so nice and leave him alone. He is over reacting.
    Give him some time and then try to make the things back to the real state.


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