Any tips about how I can win this girl over?

So she's 19. She's never had a boyfriend before. She's never kissed before. lol she's thinks kissing is "gross". When someone asked her "so what would a boyfriend be to you?" She said "a really really good friend - someone whom I'm really really close with, with whom I would have a special connection"

I really like this girl, but I kind of feel there aren't to many girls who think like this... so any tips on how to 'win her over?';


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  • i was a little like this when I met my first boyfriend. he didn't do anything out of the ordinary to win me over tho, he was just honest about his feelings so I trusted him enough to go into a relationship with him. don't freak her out with sexual advances tho, you might scare her off. lol


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  • Well first question is do you really want her? would you be comfortable in a very non-physical relationship since you said she thinking kissing is gross if the answer is yes then I would say just do stuff that friends do, study together do lunches together grab coffee just regular hang out things you would do with your friends
    and if the answer to my first question was no so I don't see why you should bother I guess..

  • Sounds like feeling close in a relationship is a #1 priority to her (friendship). Maybe right now (if you're serious about how you feel for her) enjoy spending time, just the basic... like a movie, lunch at a park, etc. Don't rush it, this is new for her.



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