Tired of being in limbo, How do I tell him?

I'm tired of being in limbo, I want to tell my guy friend that I like him, I just don't know how to go about it?
We have "hung out" alone a couple of times, (I asked him) he acts really flirty and shows lots of signs that he likes me, and he also acts kind of shy and nervous around me, which is kind of weird because we used to work together.
We are technically friends but he doesn't really treat me like I'm just a friend (like at one point he was in a LDR and never talked about her with me but did with another female friend) I feel like I'm somewhere between friend and girlfriend... I just don't want to mess our friendship up if he does only see me as a friend, I value having him in my life, if not as a boyfriend then as a friend, but I want to see if we could be something more, how do I approach this? Advice? Thank you!


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  • You ask him out, plain and simple. You need to ask yourself if the possibility of something more with him is worth the risk that you might lose what you do have with him. Once you figure that out you'll know what to do.


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