I love her but she has a boyfriend. I lose on a game I entered. Any thoughts and advices on my situation?

We knew each other for almost a year and a half. January 31 last year, she admits she loves me too. Starting that day, everyday for me was so happy. It really feels great that the person you love, loves you back. But after 3 months she felt guilty so we stayed friends, no deep conversation. We kept talking but at November 14 last year it was the time she has to choose. Her bf found what's between us. He saw our text messages. She said it was hard for her to decide but at the end she didn't choose me. It was so painfull. I don't know how should I get over with this. We’re still talking until now like everything is ok (for her) and stayed friends. We are distanced at the moment and I’m setting a flight this year but she doesn’t FOR NOW we will meet but not this year. She said her boyfriend might found us and I understand. I just want to meet herI love her so much but I can't do anything. No matter how strong my feelings is. I'm giving up too soon. I always do the effort just to talk with. I'm a loser.


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  • See, you are not a loser first of all.
    Second, she's not a right girl.
    Third, you need to realise that you are friendzoned.
    Fourth, move on. There are so so many good girls out there who would really love you.

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