Awkward and not used to being in a relationship; bad sign?

We've liked each other for a long time, and then he asked me out last week. We don't really know each other that well, so it's still a bit awkward. Im getting used to him, but i just feel unsure and i dont know what im doing.

For example, he's a super sweet guy, a bit shy and he tends to agree with everything i said or want to do. But lately, he's been getting a bit more straightforward, and i called him a shorter form of his name and he flat out said he didn't like it. I like the straightforwardness, but i found it awkward that he played along with it... giving me the impression he didn't mind until i asked him. When he said he didn't like it, i just felt super awkward and got embarrassed?

Is that normal? Or am i just over thinking every little thing because were both new to relationships.


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  • Overthinking - Let it play out and you will have a clearer idea how you feel.

    • Okay, thank you. I'm just really unsure about every thing and have no idea what i'm doing in this relationship.. but i guess it'll be a work in progress.

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    • Very true!! Also, do you have any advice on how I can just not worry so much? I am not confident and I just feel out of place being I'm this relationship bc I have no experience.

    • It would be to relax and enjoy the relationship. Relationships work because of the heart, emotions and chemistry not because of plans and strategies. How many friends have you had in life, you never planned to become friends with them something drew you to them and something clicked then you never looked back. Relationships are the same just on a different level.

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  • I'm super awkward too and it's totally normal. Especially when you're just getting to know someone. Just give your relationship some time and try to learn more about him so you can gradually become more comfortable around him

    • Okay, thanks! I guess i'm just getting worried over nothing.