How do girls possibly have it worse in dating?

So what, you have to suffer because of the idiotic dick you personally chose, at least you can easily get anyone. Almost any girl will have at least one guy interested in, but guys like me? No one loves us. It doesn't matter whether you date dicks (that you chose) you can still get someone, you can be in a relationship and probably get to have sex, guys like me that are unlovable? We can't even get a girl to whine over like you do with guys. Guys like me have dating far worse.


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  • i actually totally agree. not in the 'no one loves us' bit, but in the sense that girls can more easily find a date.
    this is in a general view tho. wev gotta remember all the ladies who really have it though.

    i believe women these days [in general again] dont make the right decisions when it comes to dating. they seem to choose the wrong guy, knowing he's the wrong guy but having this unrealistic vision that 'its gonna b different'. then, when they wind up being kicked to the curb as many others before them were, they wonder what theyv done wrong and why life is so cruel.

    • Thank you, you didn't insult me

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    • Girls = picky? They spread their legs open faster, and to more guys, than one can even imagine today. It's SICK to think about. And what guys like us end up with are used up leftovers.

    • it's a pleasant surprise to see women agreeing with me on this.

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  • Not all women have it easy. Stop minimizing what others may go through if you haven't experienced it. there are some ugly and unattractive women that no one wants that are in the same position as you

    • Yes, girls have it incalculably easier. They are the ones that control the relationship, from if at all, to all the way. They use their bodies and looks to accomplish this. In high school I was much like you in that situation. Even ugly chicks can blackmail a guy desperate for sex.

  • Just shut the hell up, you know why no one loves you? Because you're so self pitying it makes me want to vomit. This myth that sad men like you perpetuate is just that - a myth. Believe it or not there are countless unhappy and lonely women in this world, how dare you say there plight isn't as bad as yours. You're a self centred butt hole and that's why no one wants you. It's not a competition about who the biggest loser is, why do you seem to be suffering so much more than others? You aren't, you just go on about it like you do.

    • You think I give a crap what anyone else is suffering? I've been suffering for three fucking years now, all that I care about is achieving happiness, everyone else can go DIE for all I care. Sad men, hahahahHAHAHAHA, I AM SAD, I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE, HAPPY NOW, IS THAT WHAT YOU WNATED TO HERE, HUH, you're LIFE MAGICALLY BETTER BECAUSE YOU THINK you're ABOVE ME, WHATEVER

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    • Wow. What happened to a bit of compassion for someone truly suffering!

    • ShaeNielson is a perfect example of the typical woman available today. Angry feminist who was never taught to respect men. Yes, it is unquestionably harder for men today with such choices.

  • I don't agree with this at all!
    What's with the generalizations?

    Maybe it's like that in America, but in Europe and other continents that have high standards when it comes to dating in general - this isn't the case - not even the slightest bit true...

    • High standards for dating? I have spent time in Europe and have had girlfriends there. And they were cheating on me the whole time with Ameican GIs without even my knowledge! Other girls there were just as shamelessly slutty as here in America. Decent girls are extremely rare to find. They are mostly already married.

    • Well... in your 99 years of experience you do come to see it all, now don't you? =)


  • Tell me then, why should girls date you?

    I'm serious. What do you believe you have to offer women?

    • I don't know either way, I try to be kind and compassionate but my depression has made that very difficult. Truthfully I don't know myself nor what I have to offer, hell, I didn't even know I had to offer something.

    • Everyone has to offer something, even girls. It could be good looks, a sense of humor, security, intelligence, etc. It depends on what the individual person is looking for; everyone values different traits.

      I'll speak from experience that it's very difficult to date someone with depression. Last year, some things went terribly wrong for my boyfriend and he turned severely depressed as a result. If I didn't already love him with all of my heart when that happened, I really don't think our relationship would have made it. He was severely withdrawn, sometimes sending me long hopeless rants, sometimes lashing out at me angrily for my blind optimism. It was a lot to handle.

      So I recommend you work on your emotional health before trying to start a relationship. Get yourself better before adding someone new into your life.

  • Okay get over it, stop being a pussy. Girls have a hard time finding someone too, especially if they aren't amazing looking. The good looking girls have it easy yes - but so does the good looking guys. This is not a guys only problem, it's something girls struggle with just as much.

    • I have to start blocking anonymous accounts.

    • What a dangerous and horrible thing to say to someone depressed and contemplating suicide. Do you really want to be the cause of his eternal destiny? My God...

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  • Women have zero issue when dating:
    1) women control sex. At least early in the relationship. So they control dating.
    2) women expect the guy to pay for everything. I have a rule that if she does not offer to pay for something by the end of the 3rd date, I move on to someone else. That has happened 4 times in the last year.
    3) women have zero pressure in sex. They can have sex whenever they want, as long as they want, as many times as they want, they are always ready.
    A guy has to get and maintain an erection. then we have to figure the woman out and how to please her. unless she is willing to tell him what she wants, if she is new it is easier to figure out a rubix cube...

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    • Well I am twice your age. When I was your age I would never have let a woman pay for anything. However, times have changed. Plus, I went through a divorce I did not want which wiped me out financially. I just cannot afford to pay every time. So I struggle with old customs as I don't want them to pay, and if I can I do. But they need to at least offer. but if we have gone to several expensive places in a row, then they get to pay also.
      if all were doing it grabbing a drink or something, that is different.
      Once I had a chick that wanted to do dinner and a movie. I spring $48 for dinner, plus gas going all the way out to her. then we go to the movies and she didn't even walk over to the ticket counter with me. I figure she could at least get the $20 for tickets (It was $3.50 to go to a movie when I was your age lol).. and that was after a price hike. ... I didn't go out with her again.

    • godfatherfan has hit is SPOT ON!

  • Higher risk of being pumped and dumped. And then also being slutshamed for it...

    Also, just because a guy is interested in her doesn't mean she's interested back.

    Yes, we are usually the ones to initiate the interest and therefore they can get into unsatisfying or poor relationships more easily, but in terms of finding someone you're compatible with and have mutual attraction within that isn't using/manipulating you, it's fairly equal.

    So girls may be able to find ANYONE more easily, due to the nature of human mating, but if we are talking satisfying and fulfilling relationships, then it's equal.

  • Lol.πŸ˜‚. ur a better man the me bro if a bitch don't offer to take me out by the second time I'm done with her! lol. dead ass ide never talk to her again like these females be acting like its our job to feed em anytime they get hungry or wana get drunk lolπŸ˜‚ fuck that man ide rather love my money then these women that wana try and get in my pockets by telling me it's the gentle man thing to do.. smh foh.πŸ˜’

    And is it true that they have absolutely zero pleasure during sex? lol. no wonder they always complain about not being satisfied, like how tf can u please someone that doesint know what they want or if they even know if they enjoy it at all... omg it would suck to be a femaleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

  • I would say men in general, have it much harder
    Its harder to get a date for a man usually, we have to initiate conversation, contact, and interest while trying to flirt and let our intentions known without coming off too strong... It's a very fine line sometimes and usually guys find the selves on one or the other side

  • I think the worst part about dating for women is dealing with people that have his exact attitude.

    • Why, it's not like they date us anyway, and then they whine about me not giving a shit about their friendship. Of course I don't, can't YOU GET I JUST WANT TO HIT SOMETHING?

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    • Neither are you, champ.

      Want to know how to get a girl? Learn to actually give a fuck about them. Learn to actually treat them as people. You might get somewhere. Because with the way you're acting at this very moment, you would have to be completely stupid to NOT see why you're still single.

    • /r/theredpill seems like a good place for you

  • Girls have it easier in dating, yes. That's because there are a lot more "idiotic dick" guys that are willing to be dicks to get what they want - which is a date - than there are "idiotic dick" girls. I think it's actually a good thing that girls in general tend to be a bit more modest about who they choose.

    The point I really wanted to make, though; the reason you are "unlovable" is this terrible, terrible, terrible attitude you have. A little less bitterness would be good mate!

    • Thanks for the advice, at least you also refrained from insulting me.

    • I'd say take half an hour to think for a bit; and then come back to this post and read through how you've responded to people.

      Also, get everything else in your life straight; make lists of little goals and get things done. A girl will come eventually, and she'll be ever more worth it when she does; but honestly there's much more to life than "hitting something" as you put in another comment.

  • Yeah, that sucks

  • " ... you have to suffer because of the idiotic dick you personally chose, at least you can easily get anyone."

    What greater burden than to have to answer for your choices and faith in others and then have to answer for their failures and shortcomings. A man "chooses" a woman everyone says is bad for him and when things do not work out he is excused for his irrationality because "she was hot" meanwhile if a woman does the same thing no pity is given, not even by the downtrodden worthless pieces of shit of the universe who have no right to live let alone speak, but alas that is how we treat the matter.

    A man is responsible for nothing. Not even his own penis. No wonder he is considered a dog. You should be envious of the pride that comes with "Choice" but instead you complain of being said dog locked up in the pound waiting to mate.



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    • Ah, no; you're wrong there I'm afraid. I think an apology is warranted! But I don't sarcastically berate to eek it out of someone. Also I defended against your horrific and unwarranted response of "you are more than welcome [to kill yourself]"; it came across as an invitation, you see.

      No, I'm not a puppet either; I just act on my own set of morals which involves respecting others and aiding where I can; especially if there's a struggle involved. I haven't crawled into a hole either; in fact, I've more so tried to help someone climb out of their own. Hopefully, at some point, you can do the same.

      Sorry to have dragged this out, too, Asker, shouldn't really have given this guy more time of day.

    • No one here smells good.