How common is it for a girl to never initiate conversations, phone calls or texts when you've already been intimate and on a few dates?

Hey, I've been on a few dates with a 22-year old girl, and we slept together on the second.

She never initiates phone calls or texts, but always returns my calls and texts. She never proposes dates but has always been very enthusiastic when I did. She's been great on our dates and I think it went well. We greet and part with nice kisses.

Usually I've been calling her one or two times a week, setting up a time/place/activity (we've gone out about one time per week), until now she's always enthusiastically agreed.

Personally I must say I really love it, it's kind of a turn-on for me, but I can't help but wonder what it says about her interest.

How common is it for girls and women to never initiate and still be kind of passive at this stage?

Could it be a sign that she doesn't want anything to develop more?

Should I call her a bit more? (I don't think so, but I'm curious about what you think)

Girls and guys input would be equally interesting.

Any other thoughts?


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  • She is enjoying being perused
    This is how it was back in the day! When men would court women she is clearly interested or she wouldn't answer your calls but she is obviously independent and doesn't need a man to get out of bed in the morning but that doesn't mean she isn't interested! She is just enjoying being wooed lol.
    Keep up the good work it will be worth it in the end and u will never have to worry about her texting other men ! She is a keeper I'd say!

    • Hey, thank you for your answer!

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  • If she's acting normal otherwise, then I don't think there is anything to worry about. Is she shy at all?

    • Well I wouldn't say she's shy, but definitely introverted I think.

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    • Interesting... Thank you for your input!

    • No problem.

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  • frustratingly normal

  • I believe it may be a sign she may not want anything more or has worked out, you both are quite 'low' no offence to be sleeping with each other on the second date. So I think she believes there's no challenge. Her intent may have been to sleep with you on the second date sure, but if you would have held of for a bit or even a few weeks I think she may have taken you more seriously. It seems like it's a joke to her.

    • You may be right but my answer compared to yours just proves men don't know women ! We are not al, crazy desperate stalkers

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    • Oh man, welcome. You sound real nice. Are you planning on being with her as in a relationship wise or what's the go?

    • Well I'd like to develop something more serious with her, but I'll wait and see if we seem to keep enjoying a good chemistry with time, or if she doesn't want to go further.

      veronica44 : Thanks for your input! I don't know about her only wanting attention, as I said, aside from not initiating, she's been great on our dates, not expecting me to pay for her, and even bought me ice cream, which sounds silly but was a first for me.

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