Guys what do you feel about taking dance lessons with your girlfriend?

My boyfriend is hispanic, we listen to bachata all time, and I've always wanted to learn bachata. It's sexy and fun and really is quite simple. I'm not wanting to become a professional dancer, but just learn to dance it for the club.

My boyfriend has to be really tipsy to want to dance. Usually he likes to go to a club to drink and people watch. So since I want to dance, I hate going to club because we just sit. I'd rather just go to a bar. He literally can get mad when I bring it up while at the club.

I've even told him, we can learn at home, practice the dance around the house, but he never seems like he really wants to when I suggest it. Also my boyfriend is pretty hunky and stocky, at first I thought it was because he felt awkward dancing in his body. He says no, but I do wonder if that's secretly the issue. What do you guys think?


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  • Hey, sign me up! That will only increase our social skills, increase the coordination between us, increase the bond between us, like you said, dancing can be very sexy and intimate, so ultimately this all translates to more action in the bedroom! Sounds like a win-win to me!!!

  • as a 6'7" 280lbs guy i can say that i was not comfortable dancing, until I took lessons with a friend of mine (long ago now). We had a good time, and now i enjoy dancing and am quit good at it.

    Keep working with him.

    • Wow I'm sorry I'm about to gawk at your height, but that's gives me shivers lol. I'm not sure if you don't like your height, but that's awesome to me.

      I do want to keep working with him, literally I see doing this as another way to have a deeper connection, that I can share with him and only him because I'm so attracted and into him. I don't know how to get that point across though.

    • Love my height. I just know that at my height everyone can ser you when you look an idiot, so i try to avoid that!! :)

    • Oh man I didn't think about that, so there are pros and cons, girls gawking at you, and people seeing you clearly when you take a wrong step. I get it lol

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