Why do guys bail on girls after meeting? Online Dating! l?

Does this just happen to me lol.

I work a lot so i dont really have tine to go sit wt a bar or go out and meet new people so I've decided to try the online dating sites! I've meet a few here and there. Im African and i love white chocolate lol but after getting to know a guy and kind get feeling or whatever then we would finally meet and then after never hear from them or the just bail.

But in the beginning they hit me up non stop and ya know!

Is it me? This always seems to happen i just ne myself forreal nice, respectful, and funny. Oh and chill!

So just wanna go down on me but im not that easy that could be why huh?

But guys why do you guys dovthat? Have you thought about her feelings or whatever after builfing some kind of bond?


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  • over 80% of men on dating sites are just looking to get laid. best thing to do is state in your profile that you are not looking for any one night stands or causal fuck buddys, just people people interested in long term relationships. you won't get as many responces but the ones you do get will be more in line to what you want.

  • You looked better online.


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