How do people come up with the ridiculous assertion that a guy with a motorcycle and fancy car gets pretty girls?

I was arguing with a teenager for an after school lesson (student loan repayment program) that girls are not attracted to guys with a motorcycle and fancy cars. I do not know what planet people get the idea that if a guy has a motorcycle and fancy car, he gets attention from girls. It has never happened to people (better than me) or I. Things like a Ducati and a BMW, if you think they are fancy...


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  • I used to hold that stance... yours that is. Truth is, women are materialistic and want guys with lots of money that they can leech off of. As for the motorcycle thing, my friend got one, and I was disappointed to find out that many women did flock to him simply because he had one.

    • Sounds very reasonable. You deserve a free drink! Cheers!

    • Lol yay materials!! My potential partner that I want to attract can afford to take care of his responsibilities, shelter, food, transportation, travel, help others financially, clothe us. It's actually really important when one of the highest causes for divorce is financial issues. Sadly, money is a means to live and girls are earning their own money to support themselves Ontop of finding someone else who can do the same. Its independence. And a motorcycle is a dangerous transportation, it's sexy especially because a lot of guys don't ride them.

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  • If you're good looking then a sports car or motorcycle is a DEFINITE plus. either way its attention grabbing in general owning 1 of the 2, these days im sure a lot of girls will simply overlook the material goods, its how it represents the guy that makes it damn attractive/appealing. if its obvious he's doing it to only get attention then its obvious he's a douche.

  • Apparently, these days a motorcycle and fancy cars are not enough. He needs to have good looks as well!

    • Looks like you are very reasonable. Cheers!

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    • Thanks mate! Awaiting that drink from you! ;)

    • 1 drink from FEDEX!

  • I've had little squeals of delight and interest from girls when I mention that I ride (though I don't currently have a bike). It depends on the individual girl.

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