Dad against me dating another race?

So I've been friends with this guy (He's 17, I'm 16) for a while now and we have so much in common and he's a great person. He doesn't really believe in his faith which means there is no issue with "religion," such as me being Christian and him being Muslim because I'm not really much about religion either. Lately, we've been talking and flirting and getting to like each other a lot more, however, my dad is completely against people outside of my race. He says it's "unnatural." He doesn't even like me being friends with other people in different races. To me, I don't see any problems. It's just his skin color for goodness sakes, he's the same as everyone else. He's still humans.. My mom on the other hand, I think she knows I like him or am at least good friends with him and she has like no issues at all from what I can tell. When she asked about him, she was smirking a little and didn't tell me anything like "No. You can't talk to him or anything." So I feel like she's okay. I really wanna get to know this guy a lot more and possibly be more than just "buddies" but I don't know how to convince my dad otherwise. I always thought my parents wanted me to grow up and support my ideas and beliefs and stand up for what I believed in or even what I wanted, but I feel like I'm being so restricted because of my dad... Please help on what I should do :/


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  • First of all, if u like him and think u could be more than friends tell him first. Cuz I have the same situation, I'm Mexican and my parents want me to be with only Mexicans or at least Hispanic. But my crush is Asian (he also like me too) but I tried convince my dad but he didn't agree which lead time to pass and he though I didn't like him.
    So tell him first, convince ur dad can be hard thing to do. Specially since he is Muslim (not that I have a problem) but they r stereotype to be "terrorist" one thing u could is to inform ur dad about them, to expand his mind and for him to be open about other race. Tell ur dad what u said here, but don't give up. He is not the one living ur life, u r so tell him that u r trying to get his approval cuz most people will just date in secret and that u want ur dad to be a part of this.

    • He's not really Muslim. He doesn't really believe in his faith at all. He's more into the science aspect of life, similar to how I am.

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    • Well yeah I understand I need to convince my dad, but the whole reason for asking is because I need advice on HOW I would convince my dad.

    • Well that's what I said, a close minded person has little to no information to what other culture, race, religion other than their own. But I mean it depends if ur dad is racist or he is just comfortable with "his own". U can talk to him about the guy and how he is, let them meet each other. Tell him that is not fair to u to be restricted to be friends with people only bc of race. But if ur dad is really racist, then... I don't know how to convince a racist person.

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  • My dad doesn't even want me to date another ethnicity let alone race.
    I date whoever I want though! In the end you're the one dating the person not your dad!


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  • Your dad is racist. You can't change that.

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