How can I beat this guy?

This guy:

By beating him, I mean being more attractive than him get laid more than he ever did.

Overall, I still prefer my face and body over him (but this might be objective). But the problem is he's 6'1" while I am merely 5'6". There's good 7" gap. And he obviously has more dating pool at this moment because he stand a chance with any woman at any height and I will have to struggle to go for girls 5'7" and taller.

How can we change that?


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  • alright , women prefer taller men. my friend used to be a dwarf. thats before he took some injections (as told by his doctor) . this mad him become taller. and second , get a tan ! it will make u 5-10% more liable to get skin cancer so its up to u ! ... whiten ur teeth (u need to go to a dentist for that) . have thick hair and ask ur hairstylist for a hairstyle that would suit ur face shape. facial hair is up to u. and make sure that u build ur self confidence ! women like that..


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  • Suit Up! .

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