Is it immediately awkward after revealing you like someone?

I have a crush on a friend. If she doesn't feel the same will it get awkward will I lose her friendship. If it's almost certain that she'll not want to remain friends I probably won't tell her. Girls if your friends says he likes you but is ok just being friends would remain friends or cut him out of your life?


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  • It's not awkward at all. It's like taking off a bandaid, if you get rejected, it may sting for a few days. It gets better, and if they don't like you, they just absorb the information and continue the friendship as it always was.

    • So it's only a low chance that she'll stop being friends that makes me feel better.

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  • Depends on the girl u should tell her when u guys are alone. And say i dont want to make things weird but i like u. And i if u dont feel the same i dont want things to be weird between us


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