Should I give this guy another shot?

I stopped talking to him because he was pretty much an egotistical jerk that only cared about hiself and his needs putting mine and me to the back burner. Now he's coming back around telling me he miss and wants to see me. I don't know what to do because I don't want to feel like I'm going backwards or waste my time on him again. We had an off on relationship for 6 months. it was mainly sex though that's the thing. I really will appreciate honest advice from guys and girls

  • give him another chance.
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  • yes everybody deserves another chance in my opinion

    • What might be different this time though? He's not even making a consistent effort to regain my attention. He only text me out of the blue saying he misses me. I guess when he's bored I don't know

    • I told him before how I felt too and he kept up his selfish behavior only coming around for sex. He would tell me things like " I think about you a lot" yet he never called me and rarely text me.

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  • I would consider going on a single date with him. If he hasn't cinvinced you that he's changed by the end of that date, leave him and don't look back. But if he convinced you that he has chnaged, you should consider giving him another shot.

    • He doesn't like to go on dates. So?

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    • Offer to pay for it if that's his problem

    • How would I demand a date? What if he beats around the bush about it? To be honest I don't know if I really even want to go on a date with him, I was just wondering if we could at least still be friends. No dates because then he might start expecting sex.

What Girls Said 1

  • I had someone like that... he was off and on... one day an asshole and the next day was the perfect man.. it obvously didn't work out.. too emotionally draining. Leave his ass behind! FInd someone who can be a full time gentleman, not part time or when he wants to get some from you.