This guy I like said "It would never work" ?

One of my guy friends that I've known for so long I've fell in love with, he's always there for me, he's funny, he's caring, he's just perfect. However, when I finally asked him out he said that "I'm sorry... but it will never work with us" and I asked "Why?" and he said "You're just to perfect for me and I don't want to end up hurting your feelings in the end".

What does this mean? Is he saying that he won't go out for me because I'm out of his league or something? It's confusing and then he said that he doesn't want to hurt me.


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  • Are you serious? Woooow.

    He was in the situation that literally every guy who cries about being put in the friendzone would KILL to be in, and he done FUCKED IT UP.

    I'll never understand guys who would throw away their chance with a girl because "they're too perfect for him".

  • His self-esteem are low and he feel like he not good enough for you :/

    Or it could be a nice way to let someone down easy. "It not you, it me"


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