The person I am currently seeing has asked me to be his girlfriend and I want to but should I wait?

So I met this guy josh on tinder and he's really nice and we em started talking on the Thursday and we have been talking since and so he came to mine on Saturday to see me and he was really nice and I really like him and so we went out again today and he's asked me to be his girlfriend but I don't want to say yes and the relationship just fail but I do really like him and he has met my mum and dad so do I say yes just after a week of knowing him. or do I wait?

  • Wait a week or two and see how things go
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  • Just go fort it and say yes
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  • Don't wait.


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  • In my opinion, I would wait a while before you two start to date. Your still getting to know one another.
    Maybe wait for a month and see how things are.