Should I text him?

So this guy asked me out Saturday, but hasn't texted or called since. We made tentative plans for a date a week from now, but no details have been set or anything like that. It took him a couple weeks to actually work up the courage to ask me out, just before he was texting/talking to me every day. what's the deal? Is he freaking out, or might he be taking a big sigh of relief that I said yes? I know he hasn't been on a real date for a long time (he was/is a friend) Should I text him? Even if it's just to figure out date plans? I won't see him until Friday , and it won't be in a place where it's appropriate to talk about dating plans.
I'm trying to chill out, I'm not a clingy or needy person normally, and I have no desire to scare the guy away.


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  • How did the date go the first time.
    Sometimes guys do need a little push so go for it text him and see what's up.

    I'm going through a similar situation but I think my guy is just b interested in sex so I'm backing of I know his deal

    • We haven't actually gone on the date yet. :- that's why it's so strange. As far as I know he's not in it for sex, I've made it very clear that I'm not interested in a booty call, or a friends with benefits deal.

    • Just text him he might be shy like I said sometimes guys need a push

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