Why do guys pull the disappearing act after 8 months and countless hints of his desire for engagement?

So this guy that I've knew in high school recently reached out to let me know he was getting divorced because his wife cheated on him. He sought me out, and I kept him as just a friend as we talked out his divorce. We shared dating stories as he tried to get back in the dating game. Eventually he professed he wanted to date me. I pushed him back at first and eventually we decided to date. At some point he declared that I am perfect and the everything is more fun with me. In most of our conversations he would find ways to bring up engagement, and how much he knows me. I dropped the ball on all of the engagement hints. Then after about 8 months he disappeared. Didn't answer my call. I waited a week then sent a message to let him know I was worried and asked if everything was ok. He ignored that as well. After another week 4 days I called again this time he answered, sounded very cheerful but said he was at work and would call back. I have not heard back yet.
I am extremely confused by this sudden change in behavior.
I am looking for insight on why he would disappear on me and what is the best way to move forward?

Thank you in advance

So, to add to confusion. If a man has chosen to disappear, why answer a my call only to then disappear again?


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  • It's easier than committing.


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  • Honestly, there's something going on if he's been acting like that. My boyfriend is a boiler welder, works twelve hours for six days, and he always made time to talk to me and hang out.
    I would suggest maybe asking him to go to dinner with you, if he refuses ask when he has a free time. If you don't hear back from him for a while, maybe it would be best to just leave him.
    I know this is none of my business, but how much older is he from you?

    • We are the same age. He is 2 months older than me.

    • Hmmm. It might be best just to stay away from him. In my personal opinion, around the age of 30 should be a time where someone is ready to settle down. He could be having an affair, but I don't know personally.

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