Is there any good reason/excuse for a guy to be actively online dating if he's been with you for 2 months and treats you like a gf?

Met him online, 2 months later, after meeting his friends, going on a trip out of town together, sleeping together, and talking about future plans together, is there any good reason he's still messaging girls on the online dating site or is this a deal breaker/red flag that he's clearly misleading me? We have not officially defined the relationship but all signs (other than his online dating) point to relationship.

I'm confused because it doesn't make sense that he goes out of his way to do nice things and show he cares but yet he's 100% actively talking to girls online (my friend has an account and he messaged her).

Do I give up or ask him or just realize that this is normal until we actually both agree to be together officially?


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  • Maybe he needs an official confirmation, talk to him about it.


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