What type of girl do you think he would be into?

I'll describe his personality and then lets see if you can say what type of girl he would be into.
He's very quick witted, fast with comebacks and jokes. He's a bit hyper but not to the point where you assume he has ADHD. He's pretty flirty when it comes to teasing girls. He's confident but not egotistical. He's very strong, but I don't know about athletic. He's surprisingly observant. He's talkative.

So what do you think? His two most obvious attributes are that he is funny and talkative. What type of girl would he be into?


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  • if he loves to talk, he must like girl that appears to be happen to hear him yap away


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  • A girl who matches his most obvious attributes.

  • Edgy GaGers.

    • Haha I don't think he's into edgy but thanks.

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    • Haha I'm not trying to date him!
      But what makes you assume I'm edgy?

    • Oh. My opinion is meaningless. Don't listen to me. But now I'll focus on him again.

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