International Crush...What can i do to see if he likes me back?

You see... I have this crush in America and i live in Australia. The timezones are suuuuper far apart and i feel like i can't talk to him that often. I skyped him at school once and all of my friends are obsessing over how they think he's cute. The thing is i like him for his messed up personality. Even my best friend is turning against me and changing him into a pure, clean, no swearing guy. We met on a game and i don't think he even knows i like him. Im olive skinned with hazel eyes & i have black hair. He has pale skin, blue eyes and dark brown hair. To make it worse he's 2" shorter than me so my "best friend" makes that a reason for him not to like me and she ends up pushing me away from him all the time. Recently i've been feeling insecure and i'm not really talking that much on our calls (btw we have group calls with other friends most of the time as well)
All i'm asking overall is what can i do to see if he likes me back, to see how i can persuade him into looking at me and i would like to know if i should go for him or not?

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  • Have a one on one call with him! But in general long distance relationships don't work out, keep your options open. When you find someone you like that you can physically touch and see you'll realize that distance sucks and is a barrier

    • i have had one on one calls with him but its just awkward because he is always tired and we dont have much to talk about >.< In 2 years though ill be going to america and ill be able t see hime :D I just hope that we can say friends till then :P

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