Should my friend date this guy?

My friend is a freshman (15 years old) and she's interested in a Sophomore guy. She told me she thought he was cute, so I told her that a lot of people I know always say he's weird (I didn't know exactly what they mean by that though...) and she immediately got all defensive, saying that she only thought he was cute, not that she was interested in actually dating him.

Anyways, that was probably three weeks ago, about a week later they started texting a bit, and he asked her if she wanted to have sex. She said she got all shakey when she read that, and she immediately said no. Our other friend freaked out and "forbid" her to talk to him anymore, which she said she wouldn't. Of course, she did though.

Now she says he's very sweet, and gets really angry if we say anything about him. They're going on a date tomorrow to the movies, and me and my other friend and really worried he might try to pressure her into something, since he was so quick to ask her to have sex (and he's just kinda creepy in general.) I have the feeling that they're going to start dating (they might be already, I'm not sure.)

I'm normally not so judgmental, and I tried to keep an open mind on this guy, even though I've heard bad things. But I think he crossed the line when he asked her that after only a week of knowing her.

Of course, I'm not going to tell my friend she can't date someone, but I'm just wondering what other peoples opinions on this are, thanks :)


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  • So if the dude is direct he should automatically be labeled as a creep, wow that's kinda sad. I think you should let your friend interpret and decide what's best for her. If she wants to get to know him better then let her.


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