What are your biggest relationship red flags?

Mine would be things like clinginess, the "I need you" thing, homophobic, racist and ego.

  • Clingy / Dependent
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  • Homophobic / Racist
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  • Unstable
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  • Selfish / Self-centered
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  • Non-commital
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Caring for someone is not bad that's why you are in a relationship but when you go over board and call them 10 times a day and send them texts every 1hr it's time to check yourself because when they decide to walk away it will be hard to accept. Learned from experience, I was so attached to this girl that when she broke up with me I could not handle it I sank into mild depression l hated myself which affected me in other aspects of my life negatively my grades dropped and I would spend hours in isolation it was bad it took me 5 months to get over her and get myself back on track.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Regardless of how nasty the racist or homophobic comments, how would they affect how your boyfriend treated you? (Unless he is of a different race, or you are of a different sexual orientation).

    The other four negative traits most certainly do affect you.

    • It would affect so many things, as a bi-sexual girl it would have a large affect on me if my boyfriend was homophobic (not that i would have a homophobic relationship). The entire attitude towards people with homophobic and racist thoughts just turns me off because it's a huge incompatibility with my own personality. So even if he bought me flowers and ya da ya da it still affects me and the quality of the relationship.

    • You would think, as a bi-sexual girl, he would want to take part in threesomes with you. Unless he felt like you werecheating on him?

  • Is it bad if you want to vote all 5 equally.

    • Not at all, I think a lot of people would want to do that.

    • I see another commentator put in extra options so I would like to throw dishonesty and fakeness as well.

  • I can't stand these following qualities: selfish/ self-centered, non-committal, and homophobic/ racist.


What Girls Said 2

  • Not true to his words.

  • I vote F. The non-traditional type.