What is going on with him?

I like this guy.
A lot.
We flirt like crazy all the time, talk about random stuff and just really enjoy talking to each other. He doesn't live in the same town as me, but we have planned for me to come to his town in about 2 months time for a visit and mini holiday (only 5 days) and we will be doing a lot of stuff together.

He acts like he likes me heaps ALL the time!
I know he cares a lot about me because I've had a week off work (we work together, not in same town obviously) cause my nan was in hospital and he messaged me every morning saying "Good morning... Hope your okay today"
And would always ask if I'm alright. He even gave his sister my number for us to hang out (she lives where I do)

Today talking on the phone at work, he said "do you like cheese and onion chips?" (Random Huh?) and I said "eww no" and then he replied "oh well we can't be friends then" jokingly obviously.

This "friends" thing gets me :( is he saying it as just a statement or for real?
Do I have a chance of making him my bf at all?
Does he like me?

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  • Girl, this guy definitely likes you!! I don't think you can get more obvious then that. The annoying thing with guys is that will make it obvious that they like you but they will not have to courage to ask you to be their gf in fear of jeopardising the friendship. What can you do? Start being a lot more flirter, acting more like a gf than a best friend and see how he takes it. If he backs out then he probably doesn't like you but if he goes with the flow then you already knew along that he likes you.

    Hope you guys work out, and that this helped to a degree (:

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