Will he ever get over and truly give us another shot? would you?

4 years ago when we first met (the first time) we were seeing eachother/dating, I rejected him because I wasn't ready to get into a relationship at the time, because of family issues. He told me he was really hurt by it. Then two years later, he asked me out on a date, but I only saw us as friends. But once we kissed, I realized I still had feelings for him, but I was still tied up with someone else at that time. The third time we were seeing eachother, he was moving away for work. He told me that his plan was to marry me and he saw a future with me. Everytime he comes back (every 5 months) We always end up kissing. But recently I've been trying to not give into him, but he still tries. There's just this way he looks at me and I always catch him looking at me and trying to get close when we're in a group. He's always super flirty and everyone always says they see the connection with us when were together in the same room. He currently has another gf, but is planning on moving back. He still told me he was pretty hurt by the firs time I hurt him, but I apologized yet again and let him know I do care about him. I feel I still have feelings because we never actual were in a real relationship and I will always wonder what if, and I think he feels the same. I feel we do have something thats worth another shot.. maybe giving it some time, not talking for a while


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  • I've been in this situation. It sounds you're the one holding back. Why? What I wanted to say in my situation was "you break up with yours I'll break up with mine and let's be together and give us a shot"

    • why does it sound like I'm holding back?

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    • You say he's moving back. Tell him when he gets back that you'll give it your all

    • I will thanks

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