Saying he's married but isnt? urgent?

Whenever he is asked about his personal life especially love life, he is reluctant to discuss it.
Or will lie about it.

He is single but will say white lies like he is married or won't answer truthfully.

He will tell about his family, parents, siblings, his hometown, his goals, his friends and even his laundry habits, but when it comes to love life, he is either reluctant to talk about it or will start lying.

Its not about privacy because if people start acting like him then all engaged or married people would act single.

He shows off a lot in front of females, loves female attention and is flirty towards pretty females.

Why would he do this? He is 33 and still unmarried.

he lies to teen galz who R his followers or is reluctant to discuss.


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  • How do you know he is lying about being married?