I like a girl who likes someone else. What to do?

I met this girl on a dating app. I could not continue talks with her much because i was busy with my studies. Later i started talking to her when i got a bit free after a few months and started liking her. But i never said anything to her. One day she said she Likes someone n he likes her too. (she made it clear that she only likes him)
I am confused as should i tell her that i like her or should i not? I don't wanna go to the dating apps anymore now.


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  • I'm really sorry bro :/ But if a girl makes it clear (or at least for me) that she is interested in someone else, that's kind of her way of subtlety saying 'I'm taken'. I don't think you should tell her because it will just make things awkward for her and I'm pretty sure she already knows since she made it clear they like each other. I know my opinion is a bit brutal, but I'm just telling the truth, lies won't help.


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  • You must forget her.

  • Just find another girl. she made it clear, no there is no chance.