Why do women make it so hard to approach them? How do I get them to give me a chance?

I mean they laugh at you snub you, insult you, reject you because you don't make enough money or aren't tall enough, or didn't say exactly the right thing. Then they wonder why only assholes approach them.

I hear women bitching all the time about how they want a real relationship with a man who wants to settle down. I have always been like that, but yet virtually all women refuse to give me a chance except for a handful of lying, narcissistic, bitches and cheaters.

How do I get them to give me a chance?

Ladies, what do you want in an approach?


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  • They want a strong, independent man who does his own thing – and then force him to settle down thus destroying that mystique. In other words, they want to be the one who managed to tame him.

    There is no known answer to your question. Some would suggest that you don’t approach so much as make yourself appealing so that they are interested in you, and then you reward that interest by asking them out.

    • Yea where are you that women actually make the first move? Do they do this in Canada? Cause here in the States they seem to have a neurosis about even approaching a guy much less asking him out.

    • I've been approach but not many times... and not always by a girl that I'd be interested in anyway.

      My hypothetical situation is more of one where you're completely irresistable and women feel they have to grab you before someone else does. I think, short of being a billionaire bodybuilding doctor, you or I don't have much chance of that happening.

    • Yea billionaire or body builder, and they say men are shallow...

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  • Hey there,

    Maybe you somewhat "choose" the wrong women? Some women can come across as sweet, they might manipulate you into thinking that they are THE perfect girl. And once they've got you wrapped around their fingers, their true colours start to show, and that's when you probably realize that they aren't who you thought they were.

    The thing about women, is that they often don't know what they want. A lot of women are complicated and therefore, are NEVER satisfied with what they have.

    Luckily for you, not all women are "lying, narcissistic, bitches and cheaters" :) Maybe you're looking for them in the wrong places?

    I'm positive that you're more than capable to find a girl to give you a chance! Sometimes people get unlucky. If not, maybe it's your way of approaching?

    Hope I helped :)
    - B x

    • I know not all women are, just my exes, and probably some others. All other women seem to reject me, I never know why, just left feeling like shit :(

  • Good thing I never settled for men I didn't want, because I have the man I want. He made sorting through the pile of guys not up to speed worth it. Majority of the time you will run into the wrong woman, just like how we run into the wrong guys. It just means you weren't meant to be together. Move on, tomorrow is a brighter day.

    • So what I'm not "up to speed?"

    • Maybe not for the girls you were hitting on and sometimes you never will be. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to approaching women?

    • I'm short, and I have no social skills, no matter what I try I get shot down, I'm not an asshole, I don't use pick up lines I just try to have a conversation, obviously I suck at it.

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  • Women today are all a bunch of cunts, you're better off just trying to find what makes you happy in life than relying on the affection of the modern female.


    • I'm not relying on a modern female, if she treats me like shit I'm not staying with her. I just want to love and be loved just like everybody else does.

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