GUYS - would you like it if your girlfriend wrote a love letter for your birthday?

I would like to know if a handwritten love letter is cheesy?
If it depends on what is written, what should a girl absolutely avoid?

Oh wow, thanks guys :)


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  • Love letters... keep em coming! I think it says a lot about someone who can write a love letter and say it in their own words rather than leaving it up to a store bought card to say it!

    Things not to do... The love level of the card entirely depends on where you are at in the relationship. Never profess your love in a letter... it's best to know that the other person feels the same way about you. This can avoid all kinds of awkwardness, especially if the other person is not quite there yet!

    I think it is commendable when we can sit our phones down and send the genuine article to our loved ones instead of texting them the little hearts and smooches on our phones.

    • Well said :) thank you :)

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  • Yes that would be cool. Only you know what to avoid or write based on the status of your relationship.

  • I wouldn't like it

    • Oh do you mind explaining why? I would like to see both sides to both answers :)

    • My emotions aren't strong at all apart from ager and happiness. I get very very intimidated when someone shows too much love. I don't become a dick or anything I just go along with it like it didn't bother me :)

    • Oh sure, thanks :) helps :)

  • Yeah I would like that I could put it away and always read it and all that emotion with always be in the letter

  • I would like it. I think that it's such cheese on toast is what makes it sweet and from the heart.

  • yes I would like that


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