Why can't I stop this feeling?

When i want to even approach a girl i get butterflys in my stomach and immediately think im saving myself from trouble if i don't talk to her. I can't just outright run up and say hey can i have you number
1) thats weird
2) doubtful i could even get it
3) why do i need a girlfriend to be happy
These are the things holding me back from actually talking to girls. I used to have no problems but now its almost neigh impossible to do so. How do I go about wanting to feel ready for a girl? And then actually getting one again


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  • Aww that's so cute just be yourself :)


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  • Asking a random girl for her number isn't likely to yield a number for you. You need to talk to her first.

  • i feel the same sometimes lol

  • Everyone has it. Confidence will come with time. Try to think that life is short and have a nothing to lose attitude.

    If you ask and get an answer, then job done you know and don't have to wait on the girl. Value yourself highly.

    When it's the right girl, it'll happen. Go with the flow.

    Could you help me with mine pls? Would appreciate an opinion as well as a vote!


    • I'll get right on it i keep focusing on the trees and not the forrest.

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    • And fin your advice is given

    • Thanks, will check it out!

  • Because human weakness.

    • I want to go the no shit sherlock route but that will definitely lead to an argument, but thanks for the comment.

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    • In the eyes of adversity your compassion towards others is what can drive you, I say can, not everyone chooses that route.

    • That's deep... Too deep for me. I prefer the shallow end.

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