How do I know he's interested in me?

So me and this guy Derek we started talking a while ago and i like him a lot but he goes to different school than me he goes to a private school but im there a lot of the time. He says to me that all his past girlfriends left him for someone better and i wouldn't i try to tell him but he won't listen also he says he's getting frustrated that no one will date him but i like him and im willing to date him im a loyal person so i dont know to do or say to him. Any advice please


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  • If you want to date him then you should ask him out!
    You shouldn't feel like you have to wait for him to make the first move

  • waiting for him to come is never good, there's no such thing as "guys MUST do the first step" the guy probably doesn't know what you want from him, he probably doesn't even know you love him, go talk to him and let him know


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