Am I being too keen with someone I like? ADVICE PLEASE?

I have been seeing someone for nearly 6 months now, and although I feel so strongly for him we both mutually decided to call it off today due to me leaving uni for summer for 4 months in a few weeks.

I texted him telling him i will delete his number as I need to get over him and that's how I get over people, but now I have had a change of heart and I want to text him to tell him that i want to keep seeing him until I finally finish uni in 2 months time.
Am I being too keen? Especially as he didn't reply to my last text this morning?

Advice please! Surely a text can't do any harm?


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  • no I think you guys should keep seeing eachother until you leave. and nothing wrong with possibly picking things up again when you return

    • I texted him saying 'is this it' and he replied 'I guess so unless you let me know when you get back'
      Does this sound like he wants to end it, or does he seem upset that we've called it off?
      Don't want to harass him if he's not interested!

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    • He said 'we shall see, have a day to think it over.' when I said about carry on seeing each other. What does he mean by that? Is he keen to see me or not anymore? :(

    • he is probably trying to decide if he wants to try and get over you now, or continue to have really great time with you and risk being really broken hearted when you leave. it sucks for both of you

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  • Go have fun with him, Visit a city do something adventurous that he'll remember while you're gone, make fun memories now, so that you miss each other. 4 months is a long time to some people, but Phones and Skype make it easier to keep in touch.

  • You can't stay in touch and faithful for four months?

    • It's nothing to do with being faithful etc. I love him and he knows that, but we live 2+ hours away from each other and we both work, so we wouldn't be able to see each other a lot.

    • If you really loved each other you'd make it work

  • You're fine. A text is a text. You care, there's nothing wrong with being caring. Although you can still see each other if you like. He may be nervous about the holding things off.

    Keep being friendly and relax. If you want to continue, then initiate contact again, that's hot!

    Could you help me with mine pls?


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