Is it okay to say maybe when asked out?

We'll, I kinda like this guy u think but I can't be positive. I heard he was going to ask me out, and I want to have a desicions ready. He nice, smart, and into what I am but I can be sure cause lately I haven't been able to tell if I like someone or not. So it is ok to say maybe as in I would like to get to know you better before I make a desicion like can we talk more to each other and see how it feels being closer friends. There are many nice guys I know that I could like but I'm just confused. I'm 13 by the way, he's in my grade.

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It's not that I don't, I just don't know him enough to decide
I never had a boyfriend before... Last time I liked someone I liked them for 2 years and then told them (background info)


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  • Your way to young to be dating dont you think?


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  • Maybe is never a good answer. Going out with a guy doesn't mean committing to anything other than going out and getting to know each other. It doesn't mean you're married, or even going steady.

    In most cases I'd say a girl who is somewhat interested should let him take her on a date (not the same as being in a relaionship!)

    In your case though, you're so young you shouldn't even worry about dating. Any guy you start dating now has less of a chance of being your husband in 20 years than if you had just let him be your friend and gotten to know him until you graduated. I wouldn't even bother going on dates until I knew what everyone would be doing with their lives after highschool.

  • It's not OK to say "maybe."
    Tell him that you aren't sure but would like to get to know him better and maybe then see how you feel

  • Usually people think "maybe" means "no".

  • The problem with "maybe" from a girl, is that it always means no. If you don't' want to, just say no


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