I made my girlfriend mad and she won't talk to me. What else can I do?

Me and my gf go to the same college and we rotate giving each other rides. Her car is not the best and sometimes doesn't start and stalls. (I always make fun of this as a joke). This happened all last week and i made fun of her and her car (again as a joke) and she told me on Friday "you can walk home the next time". Yesterday when i offered to give her a ride she said no.

Today i gave her a ride and she wouldn't talk to me in the car :(. I told her sorry and then she told me "even though i have a crappy car i still like my car" i laughed a bit which made things worse. I told her sorry again but now she won't even accept my calls. What else can i do?


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  • 'Babe I'm sorry, I realise how I came across in the car. I honestly didn't mean anything by it, you know I appreciate all the rides, and I won't play like that again.
    Let's get a ride together tomorrow 😘'

    That's what you say :)


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  • Lol you dumbass.

    Maybe do something nice for her car, take it to the car wash or better yet, offer to wash her car yourself.

    Or if you're not broke, offer to take her car to the car shop for inspection.

  • Get a new girlfriend.

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